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120W LED Corn Non-Dimmable E39 - CSLED

SKU CSL-CO001-120CA-50KA-S1 (106003)


Wattage 120W Voltage 100-277V Lumens 15,600LM Efficiency 130LM/W Dimmability No Certifications UL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >80 Beam Angle 360D IP Rating IP64 Base Type E39


With so many different outdoor lighting options available, it’s hard to figure out where to start. You can install light fixtures on the exterior of your house, or put in lamp posts around the yard. They both provide a reasonable amount of light for what you need, but which route do you take?

Another type of light fixture you could put outside is an LED corn light. These lights received their name because of how closely they resemble kernels on a cob of corn. corn lights have multiple LEDs around a metal structure, giving them the look of a corn cob.

There can be hundreds of small LEDs mounted to the metal “cob.” With how they are structured, the metal surface works to keep the LEDs cool. The metal surface is a heat-dissipation element, which won’t allow them to overheat, protecting the lifespan of the bulbs.

LED corn lights distribute a large amount of high-quality light, making them an excellent solution for situations that require a lot of light. Because they include LED bulbs, they are an energy efficient alternative that saves you a lot of money in the long run.

A corn light isn’t necessarily a light fixture itself. In fact, it is a light bulb that is a brighter alternative to the standard LED bulb. You can screw in a corn light into almost any light fixture on the market.

Not all corn lights are the same, however. A good corn light will have certain features that protect the bulbs and keep them working at their max capacity. For example, a good corn light will cool itself from the aluminum structure having areas for heat to escape. You also want to have a protective covering around it so that it keeps the LEDs safe from dust, insects, and any other particles floating around.

If you’re looking to retrofit existing post lights, wall packs, even street lights, the corn light would be an excellent alternative.

Where are 120W LED corn lights used?

You can use an LED corn light almost anywhere you need a high-powered light. Because they produce a more powerful light than the standard LED bulb, their most common applications are for outdoor uses. That isn’t to say you couldn’t use a corn light for indoor purposes. Many High Bay light fixtures work well with LED corn lights.

Other examples include street lights and highway lights. Having a brighter light that illuminates a broader range of land means you can install fewer lamp posts. Because the shape of the corn light has LEDs all around it, the bulb distributes light in a 360-degree manner, again covering more area with one bulb.

LED corn lights are also suitable for post lamps and pathway lighting in the city, as well as exterior wall pack lights.

What do 120W LED corn lights replace?

You can replace many types of screw-in socket fixtures with an LED corn light. You can retrofit existing fixtures with Incandescent, CFL, Metal Halide, and High-Pressure Sodium lights with a LED corn light.

If you want to replace any bulb with a corn light, you do have to be cautious. The base of the bulb must match the base of the corn light for it to work. The dimension of the corn light must fit into the luminaire you are lighting up.

What are the benefits of using 120W LED corn lights?

There are many benefits to using an LED corn light over any existing bulb in a light fixture:


LED corn lights are a powerful replacement for almost any other light bulb you may be using. The light they distribute is incredibly bright, which makes them ideal for many outdoor settings.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are the most energy efficient light you can get today. They use up to 80 percent less energy than Incandescent and Fluorescent lights. 

Heat Distribution

One of the reasons why LED lights are so energy efficient is because they produce little to no heat. Roughly 90 percent of the energy they use goes directly to creating light. 

Other traditional lights spend around 80 percent of their energy in wasted heat, while only the remaining 20 percent goes to the actual production of light.


There are many safety benefits of using an LED bulb over traditional lights. For one, the little amounts of heat they generate make them safer if you need to touch the bulb.
- The lower amount of energy they use also means they can work off of low voltages.
- LED bulbs contain no mercury. When mercury gets into the atmosphere, it turns into a toxic vapor.


The casing of an LED corn light is sturdy and durable, making them harder to break. Other traditional lights can easily shatter. 


The lifespan of an LED bulb is incredibly longer than other traditional lights. An LED bulb can last for over 50,000 hours, which is up to 20 times longer than other lights like Incandescents and Fluorescents. 


When you add up many of these factors, they equal savings for you. 

- The longer lifespan means you won’t have to buy bulbs as often.
- Their power means you won’t need to install as many fixtures to illuminate an area.
- Their efficiency means you will save money on your energy bill as they require less power to operate.

Let see where you can install an LED corn light in your home. knows the importance of finding the right balance between money and quality. That is why going with LED bulbs is your best option. is ready to help you make the switch to the most energy efficient and powerful light on the market.

When it comes to the LED corn lights, finding the correct one for your lighting needs is essential. Our lighting technicians will ensure you go home with the exact bulb you need. If you have any questions, our customer support is available 24/7 through our website, email, and toll-free number at 1-888-285-6629.


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120W LED Corn Non-Dimmable E39 - CSLED