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185W LED Shoebox - CSLED

SKU CSL-SB001-185-50KT3DM-S1 (201002)


Wattage 185W Voltage 120-277V Lumens 24,050LM Efficiency 130LM/W Dimmability 0-10V Certifications UL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >70 Beam Angle Type 3 IP Rating IP65


Our mid-range 185W LED Shoe Box parking lights provide energy efficiency and a sleek design for a variety of outdoor applications. These lights are often referred to as popular LED parking lot lights because they produce safe, bright light with even coverage that provide a sense of safety and excellence for businesses, parks, and cities all over the country.

These Shoe Box lights are equipped with the most recent updates in LED technology and feature an IP65 rating for resistance to water and moisture and for heat management. With each light, you can offer your customers high performance lighting and a top-quality product.
Where are 185W LED Shoe Box lights used?

The specifications of LED Shoe Box lights make them suitable for outdoor lighting including industrial locations, urban roadways, residential lighting, walkways, parking lots, stadiums, schools and colleges, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, and gardens.

What do the 185W LED Shoe Box lights replace?

These lights replace traditional shoebox enclosures using Metal Halide Lamps (HID) or High-Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS) as new fixture installations. They are ideal for replacing outdated lighting with chemicals and toxins.

What are the benefits of using 185W LED Shoe Box lights?

Energy Efficient Features: These lights will help your clients save at least 66% on energy costs replacing 500W HPS/HID sources with just 185W of this LED lamp. No other technology produces so much more output for so much less energy. As a leader in parking and street light fixtures, CSLED Shoe Box lights feature instant-on technology which eliminates humming and warm-up periods that you often experience with HID or HPS lighting.

Even Light Distribution: These LED Shoe Box lights are fitted and designed with a unique lens to make the lamps highly light efficient with low energy consumption. With a Type III distribution and a light angle of 150*85 degrees, these lights project out and illuminate a large space.

Clarity and Brightness: These 185W lights produce 24050 lumens making them ideal for even coverage and brightness for medium and large parking areas. We also offer 150W and 300W for both smaller and larger jobs. A color temperature rendering of 5000K gives off a crisp, bright light for maximum clarity, safety, and security.

Longer Life, Low Maintenance & Warranty: These LED Shoe Box lights carry performance certifications of DLC and UL. The lifespan of 50,000 hours guarantees that your client will save money by not needing to replace the lights on a regular basis. Then our 5-year limited warranty offers more assurance that your customers are receiving a quality product.

Adaptability, Application & Installation: Your team will be thrilled to learn that these lights are installed quickly with a direct mounting method and have wider applications because of their IP65 rating for water resistance.

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