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200W LED Modern Post Top Dimmable - CSLED

SKU YR-TP500-W200-NP-Y2 (217002)


Wattage 200W Voltage 120-277V Lumens 26,000LM Efficiency 130LM/W Dimmability 0-10V Certifications ETL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >70 Beam Angle 100D * 140D IP Rating IP65


Do you ever have the issue of finding a light fixture that looks pleasant, but you lose quality in the bulb? Alternatively, you have a high-quality and powerful light, but it doesn’t seem very appealing?

Thankfully, with the 200W Modern Post Top Fixture is the best of both worlds. These light fixtures are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they are powerful, efficient, and high-quality in light distribution. They come in a range of color options to produce an effect of whatever you want.

The Modern Post Top Fixture go onto of posts in areas like parks, walking paths, and parking lots. They are simple to install and maintain, requiring only one person to do the work.
See why the 200W Modern Post Top Fixture is an excellent choice when it comes to outdoor lighting.

Where are 200W Modern Post Top Fixtures used?

The Modern Post Top Fixtures were made for outdoor applications. Wherever outside you require more light but do not want to sacrifice the aesthetics of the area, the Modern Post Top Fixtures would work.

A good example would at parks. Quite often there are lamp posts throughout a park. At the top of the post is likely to be a Modern Post Top Fixture. They provide enough light to illuminate the park, all while adding to the design of the area.

You may also see these light fixtures along walking paths in a municipality. When pedestrians walk down these paths at dusk or even in the dark, having these lights around to illuminate the path adds a sense of safety to the area.

Any type of green space in a city, campuses around colleges, or any other areas that the public uses quite often would benefit from Modern Post Top Fixtures. They’re powerful enough to add the needed light for safety, all while being aesthetically pleasing.

All of this isn’t to say you can only use Modern Post Top Fixtures in residential and municipal settings. These types of light fixtures are also excellent for industrial and commercial purposes as well. For example, commercial businesses may add these light fixtures for additional lighting around the entrance or perimeter of the building. They can illuminate dark areas that other lights cannot reach, brightening up areas that could be prone to criminal activity.

The 200W Modern Post Top Fixtures also could be used in parking lots as well. Upping the wattages to 200W means the light from the fixture is brighter and more powerful than the other ones. The structure also distributes the light in a 360-degree direction which provides a broader range of light. The whole parking lot would remain lit, again adding additional security to the area.

What do 200W Modern Post Top Fixtures replace?

The 200W Modern Post Top Fixtures can replace and outdoor lights that are on posts, gates, or other types of stands. They are more energy efficient and powerful option compared to other traditional lights like Incandescents, Halogens, Fluorescent, High-Pressure Sodium, and Metal Halide lights.

What are the benefits of using 200W Modern Post Top Fixtures?

There are numerous benefits to using not just Modern Post Top Fixtures, but using ones with LED bulbs:

Various Applications

The Modern Post Top Fixture can be used in many different settings, making them ideal for residential, commercial and industrial uses.


The Modern Post Top Fixture is a very aesthetically pleasing light fixture. The modern and contemporary design makes them easy to blend into any environment around town. They can enhance and outdoor setting.


The design of the light fixture allows for the light to distribute in a 360-degree motion. They will keep the entire area around them illuminated all night.
Their design also stops any unwanted light distribution. Many Post Top Fixtures do not have any top on them which allows the light to generate upwards. The Modern Post Top Fixture prevents the light from going upward, which does not waste any energy and is better for the environment.

Energy Efficient

The LED Modern Post Top Fixture is the most energy efficient Post Top.
- Other traditional light bulbs, like Incandescent and Fluorescents as an example, spend a lot of their energy on heat production. Roughly only 10 percent of the energy used goes to the actual generation of light. 90 percent is wasted.
- With LED Bulbs, not only are they over 80 percent more efficient, almost all of their energy goes to light production with very minimal amounts to anything else.


The Modern Post Top Fixture is made out of durable material that can withstand the elements of being outside.

Long Lasting

LED lights have the longest lifespan of any other bulbs on the market. They can run for 50,000 hours or more.

Quality of Light

LED bulbs produce a high-quality light that is powerful and bright. They are so powerful that you can use fewer light fixtures to brighten up the same amount of area when compared to traditional light fixtures.
LED lights also have a wide range of colors on the Kelvin scale. To keep areas illuminated that closely resembles daylight would be around 5000K. For a more intimate setting, 2700K has a warm, soft light.


One of the most appealing benefits of LED lights is the amount of money you can save from each bulb every year.
- Their efficiency means you will save money every year on your power bills.
- Their lifespan means you won’t need to replace the light as often, saving you money that way.
- You also will save money by having to buy fewer light fixtures to illuminate an area.

Trust to help you pick the right light.

Finding the right exterior light can change the atmosphere of wherever it goes. That is why knows the importance of selecting the best light for your needs. Our light technicians are ready to take you through the selection of Modern Post Top Fixtures to see which one is the correct one.

With our 24/7 customer service support through our website, email, and toll-free number at 1-888-285-6629, can help you with all your lighting needs.


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200W LED Modern Post Top Dimmable - CSLED