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210W 1' x 4' LED Linear High Bay 130LM/W - CSLED

SKU CSL-LH004-14-210-50KMAS-TB1 (206001)


Wattage 210W Voltage 100-277V Lumens 27,300LM Efficiency 130LM/W Dimmability 0-10V Certifications UL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >80 Beam Angle 110D IP Rating IP30


When it comes to large open spaces, a small light won’t do. You need something that is big, powerful, and will last for a long time. If you were to use ordinary household lights, they wouldn’t have enough power to keep the area bright enough, and you would likely need quite a few.

That is why there are Linear High Bay lights. These lights are for the large manufacturing facilities, warehouses, department stores, and anywhere else that covers a vast amount of space. They require a powerful light that can properly illuminate the space.

Linear High Bay lights are installed into the ceiling of the room, and provide a multi-directional light that adequately brightens up the space below. They run off of a semiconductor instead of a fuel source to generate and distribute the light. Therefore, the powerful light makes it so that you need fewer number of light fixtures to keep the room illuminated.

As the name might suggest, High Bay lights work best in indoor areas that have high ceilings. Indoor rooms with low ceilings would use a Low Bay Lighting system. Because of how high up these lights are, having a bulb that can last and withstand the elements around is essential. The less time you have to spend using resources and manpower to change one of these lights, the better. That is why the LED Linear High Bay lights are the best option as they are highly efficient with an incredibly long lifespan.

The 210W 1 X 4 LED Linear High Bay light has a sleek design that will still distribute a powerful light below. The shape allows you to install them in more places, and in areas that are quite narrow.

Where are 210W 1 X 4 LED Linear High Bay lights used?

There are many applications in which you would use a Linear High Bay light. Anywhere that is a large, indoor space with high ceilings would benefit from a Linear High Bay Light. Wherever you need a powerful light, that is where you would want a Linear High Bay fixture.

An excellent example would be in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and large department stores. Quite often these are large open spaces with few walls. You want a light that brightens the whole area evenly without having any dark corners. These buildings also consume an enormous amount of energy. The LED High Bay light would be the most energy efficient option that would help save money.

Other types of applications for Linear High Bay lights include school and university gymnasiums, community centers and recreational centers. These types of buildings would want a light that is safe and reliable. With the public constantly utilizing these buildings a long-lasting light fixture is also important. An LED bulb provides all of those, and more.

What do 210W 1 X 4 LED Linear High Bay lights replace?

Before the use of LED lights, quite often you would find Metal Halide High Bay, High-Pressure Sodium, or Fluorescent fixtures instead. Although these do provide a powerful light, they don’t do so efficiently and safely. Today, though, LED bulbs can replace all of these fixtures with fewer lights needed and with a lower maintenance cost.

Metal Halide High Bay Lights were a common choice beforehand. They’re powerful and provide a pleasant light to work with. However, these bulbs take a significant amount of time to warm up before distributing their light, sometimes up to 30 minutes. They produce a tremendous amount of heat which wastes a lot of power, making them inefficient and expensive to maintain. They do not have nearly as long of a lifespan and are known for having flickering characteristics.

High-Pressure Sodium High Bay lights were common in industrial, warehouse, and commercial settings. Although compared to other types of lights High-Pressure Sodium bulbs are cheaper to maintain and energy efficient, they do not correspond to the stats of an LED bulb.

Lastly, Fluorescent lights are relatively inexpensive, but they do have significant drawbacks. They require extra maintenance to install and have a significantly shorter lifespan the more often they are flicked on and off. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which turns into a toxic vapor when exposed to the atmosphere.

What are the benefits of using 210W 1 X 4 Linear High Bay lights?

There are many benefits with High Bay lights, but even more when you install an LED High Bay light. Take a look at some of the features listed below to see why:

Reduced Maintenance Cost

With the design of an LED bulb, they are meant to not only last longer, but the way they reach the end of their lifespan is different too. All of these features contribute to reduced maintenance cost.
- The lifespan of an LED Linear High Bay light can be 100,000 hours or more. Because of this, you won’t need to replace the bulb nearly as often as you would with an HID or Fluorescent light.
- Even when they reach the end of their lifespan, they do not just stop working. Instead, the light slowly begins to degrade over time. Not only will this warn you that you will soon need to replace the bulb, but it also allows you to continue to use the light and plan for when you need to replace it.

Light Distribution

The way a Linear High Bay light distributes its light far exceeds its counterparts. The design of the bulb and light fixture allows for an evenly distributed light. You will then have one bulb cast out more light in a general area than you would from an HID fixture. 

Contact today for all your LED lighting needs. knows how important it is to have the proper lighting for every application. Whether you are looking to illuminate a school gymnasium, a commercial warehouse, or industrial shops, LED Linear High Bay lights will illuminate the whole area while still being energy and cost efficient.

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210W 1 x 4 LED Linear Hight Bay 130LM/W - CSLED