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40W 4ft LED Vapor Tight

SKU FLT-TPM50-40L12 (214003)


Wattage 40W Voltage 120-277V Lumens 4,800LM Efficiency 120LM/W Dimmability No Certifications UL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >80 Beam Angle 110D IP Rating IP65


Trying to find the right light for commercial and industrial settings isn’t always easy. There are many factors that you need to consider, including what the surrounding environment is like. Will the fixture be in a wet atmosphere, or will there be lots of dust and particles floating around that could interfere with the bulb?

Thankfully, there is a light that is suitable for almost every circumstance and environment out there. For businesses that tend to involve lots of moisture and other vapors, having a light fixture that can repeal and protect the bulb from the elements is a must. That is why there is the LED Vapor Tight Light.

The 40W LED Vapor Tight Light 5000K is specially designed to keep any vapors and moisture outside, and the bulb safe and dry inside. At all times, you can ensure the fixture will protect the LED bulb.

Vapor Tight LED Lights are designed to withstand harsh environments and any elements thrown at it. The fixture protects the light bulb from particles like dust and dirt, as well as any moisture in the air. They have a metal liner inside the fiberglass house to ensure the fixture is as durable as can be.
Even though the LED bulb is fully enclosed in the fixture, it still provides exceptional illumination to the area. This makes the LED Vapor Tight Light suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings in industrial and commercial sectors.

You won’t have to worry about sacrificing the quality and brightness of the light to protect the bulb from the elements. With the LED Vapor Tight Light, you get both.

Where are 40W LED Vapor Tight Lights used?

There are many areas in which a Vapor Tight Light would be useful. You would most commonly find these fixtures in areas which see a lot of water or particles floating in the atmosphere.

One example would be a car wash. You need to have lights in both manual car washes and automatic ones too. Each bay of a manual car wash needs a light fixture so the customer can see what they are doing, and thoroughly clean their vehicle. Automatic car washes need one as well for when customers drive in and wait. The Vapor Tight Light would protect the LED bulb from not only the mist in the air from spraying water, but also if water directly hit the light.

Parking garages and tunnels also would use a Vapor Tight Light. Both are enclosed and are likely to have a lot of dust and particles floating around. Dirt from vehicles driving by and dust from outside seeping in could damage the light bulb if there were no protection.

Other excellent examples of where you would use a 40W LED Vapor Tight Light is industrial shops, maintenance areas, airports, and over doorways.

Depending on where you are putting the LED Vapor Tight Light that will also determine what type of fixture you go with. There are the options of a high-bay, linear, or jar Vapor Tight fixture.

The jar Vapor Tight fixture is most suitable for outdoor applications on the exterior of a building. Both the linear and high-bay Vapor Tight Lights function great for indoor areas. Although all three types can be used in any setting, one will work better over the other depending on what you need.

What do 40W LED Vapor Tight Lights replace?

The LED Vapor Tight Light will replace any inefficient fluorescent strip lights, both interior and exterior ones. Any fluorescent fixtures up to 140W are the equivalent to a 40W Vapor Tight Light.

LED Vapor Tight Lights should not be confused with Vapor Proof LED fixtures. The Vapor Proof Lights are meant to replace incandescent and compact fluorescent light fixtures. These fixtures protect the light bulb from even harsher environments that include non-combustible dust, corrosive fumes, and non-explosive vapors and gases.

What are the benefits of using a 40W LED Vapor Tight Light?

There are many benefits to using not just a Vapor Tight Light, but for using an LED Vapor Tight Light:


The casing around the LED bulb protects it from all the elements around it. This is the main reason as to why you would install a Vapor Tight Light.
Design – not only is the design of the Vapor Tight fixture meant for protection, but it is also sleek and durable. You have an aesthetically pleasing light fixture that will withstand almost anything and everything.


The LED Vapor Tight Light is the most efficient type of this fixture. LED bulbs are known for being up to 80 percent more efficient than any other light on the market. 

Lifespan – the LED Vapor Tight Light is meant to last a very long time. These fixtures have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours.

Withstand Temperatures

The design of these fixtures enables the light to withstand extreme temperatures. From freezing cold to scorching hot, the light will stand up to both.

Light Quality

The 5000K LED bulb projects a light that is not only bright, but one that closely resembles daylight. This makes the Vapor Tight Light perfect for indoor applications when you need to be able to see. 

The light from an LED bulb is also powerful. You won’t need as many fixtures to produce the same amount of light as you would with the fluorescent version. is here to help with your industrial and commercial lighting needs.

Finding the right light for commercial and industrial settings can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With, our technicians help you select the exact light you need for every circumstance you have. The 40W LED Vapor Tight Light 5000K will provide you with a light that is not only durable, but exceptional in quality. is always here to help. Through our website, email, and toll-free number at 1-888-285-6629, we are here 24/7 to assist. See how switching to an LED light will not only illuminate the entire building, but save you money as well.


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40W 4ft LED Vapor Tight