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50W 2' x 4' LED Troffer - CSLED

SKU CSL-TR003-24-50-50KDN-B1 (212001)

Items will be sold by master carton, 2 pcs/box.


Wattage 50W Voltage 120-277V Lumens 6,500LM Efficiency 130LM/W Dimmability 0-10V Certifications UL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >80 Beam Angle 120D IP Rating IP40


Designed with commercial office spaces in mind, these 2x4 LED Troffer panels deliver a smooth and uninterrupted illumination of the surrounding space without hot spots or other visual anomalies. As powerful and bright as any office space could need, the 50-watt panels provide clean white light that surpasses any fluorescent lamp.

Where can you install 2x4 LED Troffer Panels?

Our 2x4 LED Troffer panels are meant for new installations, so they are perfect for either new build commercial offices but also for replacing the older Troffer panels that have older, fluorescent T8 lamps fitted within them.

How can my clients save money with 2x4 LED Troffer Panels?

Your customers will prefer LED lighting over more conventional options because LED lights use far fewer watts and help to reduce overall running costs. The Department of Energy estimates that the energy savings from these panels are more than 25% when compared to traditional kinds of fluorescent lights.
Maintenance costs are also reduced when using LED Troffer panel lighting. With fewer trips up the ladder, your clients will appreciate the savings in man hours from not having to check for non-functioning lights.

How can I save money with 2x4 LED Troffer Panels?

All of our LED Troffer panels are DLC Qualified which means they eligible for rebates and are edge lit for overall, uniform distribution of light without having visible LEDs. These panel LEDs come with a 5-year limited warranty as a standard making them a safe purchase.

Traditional lighting harms more than the pocket as they may contain harmful Mercury and Halogen chemicals which can cause harm to the environment and even individuals if not disposed of correctly.
What are some of the features of the 2x4 LED Troffer Panels?

Superior quality design and emitting 6500 lumens, these LED Troffers are made to perform better than the T8 fluorescent lamps that they are designed to replace.

Energy efficient and cost-effective LED bulbs in this 2x4 LED Troffer panel are designed to give up to 50,000 hours of continuous use which is as much as 5 times the average lifespan of older fluorescent panels. The UL recognized constant-current driver eliminates flicker for a more comfortably lit working environment.

A brighter light (thanks to the 6500 lumens and 5000k rated color temperature), lower energy consumption and longer life make LED lights the perfect replacement for more traditional, energy-hungry light fittings.

These LED Troffers are dimmable for maximum comfort using a 0-10 VDC dimmer. This feature makes these lights ideal in the evening for a more comfortable experience or when a lower light level is preferred. A dimmable LED panel light such as this also makes sense in areas with lower ceilings or where office space is smaller.

Want to know what you get with service?

Most electricians are looking for durable yet affordable products. When it comes to LED lighting needs, there is only one company to trust: We offer fast and reliable assistance from knowledgeable contractors who have the experience to help you make the right choices. We help with product comparisons, fit and energy certification requirements, and don’t forget our 5-year warranty. With products with simple installation processes, you can immediately see how well our products work.
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