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70W Football Full Cutoff Wall Pack



Voltage 120-277V Lumens 9446 LM



Power: 70W                     
Input: AC 120-277V                  
Output: 9446 LM              

Light Source: Lumileds              

Driver: OWN

If you’re looking for outdoor commercial lighting, you’re looking for something in particular. Not just any light fixture will do. You need something that is bright, powerful, efficient, and will save you money.

That is why there are the LED full cutoff wall pack lights. They come in a variety of sizes and wattages, giving you many different options to use. Depending on where you are putting the light and the purpose behind it, that will help you decide which type of Cutoff Wallpack is best.

full cutoff wall pack lights are designed to illuminate in a downward direction. Quite often they are installed to the exterior wall of a building, and are above doors or placed around the perimeter of the building for additional security. The design of a full cutoff wall pack also makes them sleek looking, which helps them blend into the building in the daylight.

Other types of Wallpack lights include Standard or Traditional Wall Packs, and Up/Down Wall Packs. The Standard Wallpacks distribute the light out and downwards, whereas the Up/Down Wallpack distributes the light either up or downwards. However, if you are in need of accent lighting, additional security, or must comply with dark sky rules, the full cutoff wall pack is the way to go.

The housing of an LED full cutoff wall pack makes them strong and durable enough to withstand the outdoor elements. When it comes to outdoor lighting, all of the features of an LED full cutoff wall pack are essential to have a longlasting and high-quality light.

What are the benefits of using 70W LED full cutoff wall pack lights?

There are multiple benefits to not just installing a full cutoff wall pack, but using it with an LED bulb:

Dark Sky Compliance

Only the Full Cutoff of the Wallpack lighting options are dark sky compliant. Since they distribute all of their downwards and not out or up towards the sky, that is what makes them compliant.

Simple to Install

The full cutoff wall pack is easy to use, install, and maintain.


One of the key features of the full cutoff wall pack is the additional security they add for buildings.
There is the option of adding motion sensors to them which will make them turn on if anyone walks by.

Light Quality

LED lights produce a very high-quality light. The 5000K light distributes a light that closely resembles daylight, which also adds to their security feature when used at night.


The light of an LED light is so powerful, you need fewer fixtures to illuminate an area than its counterparts.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are known for being the most energy efficient light on the market. They run off of a semiconductor, which makes them use up to 80 percent less energy than other traditional lights.

Heat Distribution

LED lights produce little to no heat when on. Other traditional lights, like Incandescents and Fluorescents, produce tremendous amounts of heat.
- Fluorescents and Incandescents use around 90 percent of their energy consumption towards heat. That means roughly 10 percent of the energy used goes to the actual generation of light.
- With LED bulbs, the money you spend on powering lights actually goes to the light and not heat.


LED lights have the longest lifespan than all the other lights on the market. The LED full cutoff wall packs are known for lasting around 50,000 hours.
You could leave these lights on for 10 hours every day, and they would still last for around 10 years.


When you consider all of the above features, many of them contribute to the overall savings you get when using LED lights.
- Their long lifespan means you wouldn’t have to replace them as often.
- With how powerful their light is, you do not need as many light fixtures to illuminate one area. So, you save money by purchasing fewer lights.
- Their efficiency also helps save you money as the less power they consume, the less you have to spend.

Safety Factor

LED lights are one of the safest lights you can install. The full cutoff wall pack is strong and durable, lowering the chance of them breaking.
LED bulbs also contain no mercury, unlike other traditional lights on the market. When mercury is exposed to the atmosphere, it can turn into a vapor which is toxic for humans.
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