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LED Dual Head Emergency Light

SKU JLEU9 (213001)

Warranty: 5 Years for Electrical Parts, 3 Years for Battery 


Wattage 2 x 2.4W Voltage 120-277V Certifications UL Lifetime 50,000 Hrs IP Rating Dry Location Battery Built-in 3.6V 1000mA NiCad Emergency Operation 90 Mins


Emergency lighting is not only essential, but it is also mandatory in some circumstances. When you install emergency lighting, you want to ensure you have a light that is high-quality, reliable, and will last. You wouldn’t want to find out that the light no longer works during a crucial time that you need one.

For commercial and industrial settings, having emergency lighting keeps corridors and exit paths when the power goes out. The LED Dual Head Emergency Light mounts to the wall and runs off of a backup battery power source so that it will work during an emergency.


What do LED dual head emergency lights replace?

The LED Dual Head Emergency Light would replace any non-LED versions of this light. 120/277 dual-voltage is standard for traditional dual head emergency lights. Using the LED equivalent would be able to work

Wherever you have Emergency Lights, you could replace them with the LED Dual Head Emergency Light. The dual action can provide enough light that you wouldn’t need as many light fixtures in one area.


The purpose of the LED Dual Head Emergency Light is one of the main advantages of them. They provide security to the area they are in.

Battery Powered

The Dual Head Emergency Light runs off of a backup battery source for them to work. 

Emergency lights need to have a different power source for when the power goes out.


The LED Dual Head Emergency Light can last for roughly 90-minutes once they turn on, giving lots of time for anyone in the area to safely evacuate if needed.
After usage, the rechargeable battery will need 24 hours to recharge.
The LED bulb itself is also longlasting. Some LED lights can last anywhere between 50,00 hours and up to 100,000 hours. Their lifespan is incredibly longer than other lights on the market.
You are still required to check and maintain the emergency lights regularly. However, you won’t have to worry about replacing the bulb nearly as often.

Energy Efficient

What makes the LED Emergency Light appealing is how energy efficient they are. The LED bulb can be up to 80 percent more efficient than other traditional light fixtures.
They require less power to generate a more powerful and brighter light.
LED lights also do not produce nearly as much heat as other traditional lights. This means they do not spend energy on wasted heat. Other lights like Incandescent and Fluorescents will spend 90 percent of their energy on heat production, and only 10 percent of the power on generating light. can help you with all of your LED lighting needs.

Emergency Lighting is essential for all commercial and some residential settings. Apartment buildings will need Emergency Lighting in common areas and hallways connecting to the rooms. Retail businesses will need Emergency Lighting inside in case the power went out. Anywhere in which there is public around would benefit from Emergency Lighting.

When you are looking for one, the LED Dual Head Emergency Light provides not just one direction of light, but two. You can cover more space with only one light fixture, which is more efficient and cost-effective. The LED bulbs will illuminate a bright and powerful light that will light up any dark space if the power went out.

When the time comes to look for an Emergency Light, let help you pick the right one. Or give us a call at 602-366-0431.


LED LED Dual Head Emergency Light